Communion to the Sick

The parish has teams of volunteers who attend a number of aged care facilities in the parish and, as required, private homes, to provide Communion to those who are unable to attend parish Masses.

All team members are trained by the parish and accredited with the parish and the facility they are visiting. Volunteers only attend to people as a team.

Parish teams liaise with the relevant facilities to determine those who may wish to be visited and receive Communion.

Due to privacy, requests for visitation and holy communion must come from the person themselves, their next of kin/EPOA, or the aged care facility member responsible. All requests must be made directly to our parish office, which is then forwarded to the parish liaison for that facility.

Hospital Visitation

Visits to people in hospital are normally conducted on request only and attended to by a priest. At times when a priest is unavailable, a volunteer team of two people from the parish may be asked to attend.

In emergencies please contact 0438705447 (calls only) other wise contact the parish office on 0754471188 or via email to

Hospitals serviced in the parish area include the Eden Rehabilitation Hospital and Noosa Hospital.

Katie Rose Palliative Care Cottage

Parish Teams are available, on request, to visit people in the Katie Rose Palliative Care Cottage, as is a priest from the parish.

Relatives with family at this facility are encouraged to let the facility management and the parish office know that their family member would like a visit from the parish.

Aged Care Facility Visitation

Parish volunteer teams visit aged care facilities in the Noosa region on a regular basis. Teams conduct liturgies at a number of facilities which cater for multiple attendees as well as conducting visitation to individuals. All visitations are conducted by a minimum of two volunteers.

Aged Care Facilities currently visited are: Caramar, Ozcare, Kabara, Japara (Noosa Residential Care) and Arcare.

Relatives with family at these facilities are encouraged to let the facility management and the parish office know that their family member would like to participate in these services.

Home Visitation

With many more people seeking to remain in their homes as home care options improve, the parish, through its volunteer teams, is striving to provide Communion to the Sick to people who are unable to attend parish weekend Mass.

If you have a family member who would like to receive communion in their home please contact the parish office on 0754471188 or via email to in the first instance. This will allow the priest and/or a volunteer team to conduct an initial visit to determine how and when such service can be provided.


Located in Tewantin, Assisi House has provided transitional housing to families in need for a number of years. Tenancy periods in the house have varied depending on the needs of the tenants at the time.

Expressions of interest in this house are sought by the parish when the house becomes vacant and applications are evaluated by a parish committee.


Located on parish grounds at 5 Moorindil Street, Tewantin the Parish Hall has plenty of parking available and is easily accessible. It is the original Tewantin church which was repositioned on the site and repurposed to be used as a hall with multiple uses.

The hall is available for hire at reasonable rates. Please enquire at the parish office for further details.

Whilst not airconditioned, the hall has has plenty of windows and internal overhead fans that facilitate airflow.

The wooden floor hall provides a great venue for meetings, exercise classes and dancing. The high ceilings make the space a great space for choirs (it was, after all, a church initially). The over 200sqm space is very open and flexible.

Seating and tables are available in the hall and a small kitchen is also available with stove, fridge, warmers, urns and cutlery and crockery. The kitchen is not up to commercial standard for food preparation purposes but is OK for food service.

The hall is equipped with a short throw projector, speakers and a whiteboard making it a great venue for meetings and presentations. Wifi is also available.


Niches may be reserved on entering into an agreement and payment of the niche reservation fees. At present these fees are fully refundable if the niche is not subsequently used.

At the time of interment of ashes additional minor fees are payable for the plaque preparation, ashes interment and plaque fixing.